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International Night


Call for Volunteers!

Would you be willing to share some knowledge about your heritage? How about a traditional meal or dessert? Are you from a state rich with local culture? Admire a far off land and would like to learn more? We NEED YOU!

We are looking for volunteers to host country or state tables. Each table will represent a different country, region or state. Help us share our diversity and highlight the many different nationalities and cultures in our school. We would like to show all of our different cultures, languages, traditions, food, music, games and dance. We would love to see as many different countries represented as possible.

This even is planned for Friday January 30th.


Sign up and start planning today. We would love to see your national flag, traditional clothing and photographs. Taste your favorite food and hear traditional musical instruments. Feel free to be as creative as you like. Please fill out this form if you’re interested in participating.

Questions? Contact Chrissy Hoffman.

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2015 PTA Reflections Winners

This past November we had eight visual arts entries for the Reflections Art Contest, “The world would be a better place if….” Each school may pick 2 pieces from each category (visual arts, photography, choreography etc) to advance to county level.

We had some amazing work come in and it was a very difficult decision but our judges selected Ellie Hagberg’s “Sailing on the Sea” wood burning for first place and Skylar Jones’ “We Love the Earth” painting as second place, however both pieces are advancing to county level. Skylar Jones will represent grades k-2 and Ellie Hagberg will represent grades 3-5. 3rd Place and Honorable Mention go to Gracie Hicks and “Pick Up Your Trash, People!”

We want to recognize all of Greenwood’s amazing artists and ask that you please stop by and see their work on display in the main hallway. You will see Noah Hagberg’s “Picking Up School Trash” Sawyer Gill’s Basketball Kid, Malia Madrigal’s “Happy Cake,” Sarah Bowles’ “Happy Art” and Aleyah Hoffman’s “Animal Friends.” Thank you for sharing your talent with us! Please contact  Amy Whitehurst with any questions about Reflections.


Ellie Hagberg "Sailing on the Sea" (woodburning) (click for a larger image)

Ellie Hagberg “Sailing on the Sea” (woodburning) (click for a larger image)

Skylar Jones' "We Love the Earth"

Skylar Jones’ “We Love the Earth” painting. (click for larger image)


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Membership Update
Kindergarten Membership (click to enlarge)

Kindergarten Membership (click to enlarge)

Membership Updates:

We currently have 223 PTA members but we have over 622 students. What if we had100% membership like our neighboring schools, Glen Allen and Echo Lake? We had 312 members last year but if every teacher and every student had a parent/care giver/family member join the PTA we could make history and show 100% support to our children’s school.

First Grade Membership (click to enlarge)

First Grade Membership (click to enlarge)

That’s almost 400 additional members needed but I think this school has the heart, it just needs a little nudge. Membership is only $5 and you will be rewarded with local coupons plus a membership card that gives discounts to AARP, Staples, Hertz and Sylvan Learning Centers that don’t expire until 10/31/15.

The current membership contest ends Monday 11/24 but there will be more contests. We have gotten over 60 new members but after sending out over 600 envelopes home, we can

Second Grade Membership (click to enlarge)

Second Grade Membership (click to enlarge)

do better than that! The next 15 new members will still receive a goody bag in addition to their local coupons to Sweet Frog and Jason’s Deli, plus

each membership casts a vote for your child’s classroom that could win a pizza party and a gift card for their teacher! BUT, there is also the book fair Teacher Discounts….5% for non-PTA members, 10% for PTA members & 25% for any that have 100% class PTA

Third Grade Membership (click to enlarge)

Third Grade Membership (click to enlarge)

membership. (20 students = 20 members+ teacher)

1st: Tyler (one family joined both parents and all three grandparents, so Tyler only needs 3 more members and she gets the 25% discount at the book fair which is huge in addition to winning the party and gift card!)
2nd: Farrar
3rd: Wrighter (which has changed in the last few weeks)

Fourth Grade Membership (click to enlarge)

Fourth Grade Membership (click to enlarge)

If you have any questions please contact Amy Whitehurst. If you don’t have a membership envelope, don’t worry! Just write a check out to Greenwood Elementary PTA or send an envelope with cash with your name, your kid’s and teacher’s name and we will have your goodies delivered home via teacher mailboxes. Thank you so much for supporting our school!

Fifth Grade Membership (click to enlarge)

Fifth Grade Membership (click to enlarge)

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Current Volunteer Positions
There are a few Book Fair time slots that we are still seeking volunteers for:
Tues. Nov. 18, 7:10-7:50 a.m (1 volunteer)
Fri. Nov. 21, 6:00-8:00 p.m. (1 volunteer)
If you are able to volunteer for either of these time slots, please let me know.
We are also still looking for a Silent Auction Chairperson.  If you are interested, or have any questions, please feel free to contact Morgan Nishimoto (Volunteer Coordinator).

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Silent Auction Chairperson Needed
Hello Gator Parents!
A new volunteer position has just opened!  The Greenwood PTA is looking for a Chairperson for the silent auction that takes place during the Gatorval event.  This person would only be responsible for the silent auction, not the Gatorval carnival or dinner events.
Responsibilities for this position include soliciting donations (most of this is done online and there will be plenty of support from parents who are able to get gift certificates and other great stuff) and organizing the donations when they are submitted. Other than being onsite the day of the event, mostly everything can be done from home.
If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Morgan Nishimoto, or submit the form below.


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IMPORTANT Chipotle Spirit Night date change


Spirit Night is now November 20 (11 AM – 10 PM)

Please note that because of the change Chipotle will be crediting Greenwood Elementary for the ENTIRE DAY for sales.

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Clothing to Cash Recycling Program Update & Contest


We managed to collect 77.0 pounds of clothing in ONE DAY!

Thank you so much for making our newest fund raising promotion such a success. Let’s not rest on our laurels though, let’s see if we can be the top school in the area in November! The collection bin is in the Car Rider parking lot near the gym.

Clothing to Cash Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 5.59.50 PMRecycling Program
Holiday Program


Now until December 31st – your school will receive $100  every time a new school joins our program because of your referral. No Limit!

2 Months! Endless possibilities!

Spread some holiday cheer! Tell your Colleagues at other schools about Clothing to Cash.


Here’s How It Works: 

Tell other Principals, PTA’s, PTO’s and PTSA’s about our program. Refer them to us and tell them to mention your name / school. We will give your school $100 for every new school that joins our program and places a collection bin by December 31, 2014. That’s it!

Win! Win! Win!

  • Raise more money for your school!
  • Help another school fund programs and supplies.
  • Save landfills from unnecessary waste.


Thank you for everything you do for your school and for saving the planet – one bag at a time!

image001 For More Information call Tom 561-866-1149 or

Clothing to Cash Holiday Flier – download promotional flier.


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It’s Book Fair Time!!!

Get Ready for the 2014 Book Fair!Book Fair Gator

The 2014 Book Fair will take place November 17-21 in the Discovery Lab. There will be plenty of available times for you and your child to come in and purchase books. The book fair is open every morning from 7:20 – 7:40 AM and will also be open in the evenings on Monday November 17 and Friday November 21 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.

Come in and get some great books for everyone in your family!

If you can’t make it to the fair at the school, you won’t miss out. You can always participate in our online book fair. Online sales begin November 12.

Online Book Fair

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